Cllr. J. Cropley 




     Cllr. Glenn         

Vice- Chair



Cllr. C. Cropley




Cllr. Howden




Cllr. Pitt




Wendy Depear

Parish Clerk


01/19 Receipt of Declarations of interest in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 None were received.


02/19 Apologies for absence and the reasons given

Apologies were received from Cllr. Brooks (LCC) & Cllr. Cooper (BBC).


03/19 Draft minutes of the meeting held on December 4th to be approved as the minutes It was proposed by Cllr. C. Cropley seconded by Cllr. Glenn that the minutes be signed.


04/19 Matters arising

There were no matters arising


05/19 Matters for the Police

There were no matters for the police.


06/19 Correspondence

Boston Borough Council – Register of Electors 2018-2019

Boston Borough Council – Register of Electors up date

Nat West Bank Current Account at December 5th, 2018 £12,310.83

Nat West Reserve Account at December 31st, 2018 £7,421.70

Boston Borough Council Fosdyke Parish Precept 2019/20

BBC – Lighting costs


07/19 Financial Matters

No financial activity took place after December 4th, 2018.


08/19 Information Boards

In progress.


09/19 Speeding

No reports of speeding have been received.


10/19 Fosdyke Magazine

As nobody has come forward to take over as editor of the Magazine, it was proposed by Cllr Glenn and seconded by Cllr. Howden that the funds left in the Newsletter account be put towards the information boards.


11/19 Fosdyke Parish Notice Board

Work is due to start in the spring, Cllr. C. Cropley has received suggestions about painting the notice board blue, the other Councillors had no objections.


12/19 To go into closed session to discuss the 2019-2020 precept and donations It was proposed by Cllr. Glenn seconded by Cllr. Pitt that the following donations are made £500 each to Fosdyke Village Hall Committee and Fosdyke Playing Field Committee. £35.00 each to Sutterton Surgery Patients fund, Citizens Advice, Samaritans, Age Concern, Cruise Bereavement, Butterfly Trust.

After discussions it was agreed to set the Precept at £11,400.00 the Clerk to complete the form and return to BBC.


13/19 Matters Raised by Councillors

Cllr. Pitt reported that the xmas tree is becoming ugly and it has been visited by an expert who suggests that it needs to be felled.

Cllr. Howden reported dog fouling on Whitecross Gate.

Action the Clerk to supply some signs

Cllr. Howden reported tyres in Mill Lane.

Action the Clerk to report

llr. Glenn reported street light no. 2 on Old main Road and light no. 3 on Mill Lane.

Action the Clerk to report

Cllr. Glenn reported that Malcolm who has been the voluntary litter picker has left the village, any person collecting rubbish will be much appreciated.


There being no further business the meeting closed at approx. 8.29pm.


The next meeting will be on Tuesday February 5th at 7.30pm in the Village Hall, Committee Room.