Present:                                                 Cllr. J. Cropley                                   Chairman

                                                                Cllr. C. Cropley                                  Vice-chairman

                                                                Cllr. Heathcote

                                                                Cllr. Houssain

                                                                Cllr. Howden

                                                                Cllr, Brookes                                      LCC

                                                                Cllr. Cooper                                        BBC

                                                                Wendy Depear                                  Parish Clerk


116/ Public Forum

There were no members of the public present.


117/19 Receipts of Declarations of interest in accordance with the requirement of the Localism Act 2011

None were received.


118/19 Apologies for absence and the reasons given

None were received.


119/19 Draft minutes of the meeting held on November 5th 2019 to be approved as the minutes

It was proposed by Cllr. C. Cropley and seconded by Cllr. Houssain that the minutes be signed.


120/19 Matters Arising from the minutes.

Thanks were received from The PCC for the Christmas tree lights being erected in time for the Christmas Fayre.


121/19 Matters for the Police

There were no matters for the Police.


122/19 Correspondence

Nat West Bank statement Reserve Account at 30th September 2019 £12,436.45.

Nat West Bank Current Account balance at 30th September 2019 £13,107.12.

LCC – Consultation on Lincolnshire Admissions Arrangement’s for September 2021.

Lloyd’s Bank – Fosdyke Friendship Club Statement of Account.

Denis Glenn (By email) No update from LRS.


123/19 Financial Matters – cheques paid, and monies received from November 5th 2019


03/12/2019         302         V. Boughton                       Allotment Rent                 £554.65

03/12/2019         303         G. Hays & Sons                  Allotment Rent                 £350.00

03/12/2019         304         Electrical Connection      Christmas Tree Lights     £10.98


After discussion It was proposed by Cllr. C. Cropley seconded by Cllr. Howden that the administration charge on the allotments be increased to £5.00 per allotment.


124/19 Planning Application

B/19/0459 2 Storey Side Extension at 39, Old Main Road, Fosdyke PE20 2BU

Fosdyke Parish Council discussed the application and has no objections.

Action the Clerk to inform the Planning Department


125/19 Information Boards



126/19 Speeding

Following the passive road signs being installed, the council are no longer receiving complaints regarding speeding in the village.

Action Speeding to be removed from the Agenda


127/19 Community Garden

To be removed from the Agenda for the foreseeable future but may be resurrected at any time.


128/19 Matters Raised by Councillors

The Clerk to write to Mr. Ulyatt thanking him for his help with the Christmas tree and to remind all that the lights are to be removed on January 4th 2020.

The Clerk to contact Highways regarding the damaged tractor sign on the A17.

The dog waste in Whitecross Gate has worsened over the last few months, it was agreed to issue flyers with a reminder that it is an offence to walk a dog without being equipped with dog pooh bags.  The Clerk to contact the Borough and collect some bags which will be available from Cropley’s offices.


The meeting closed at approx. 8.06pm the next meeting will be on Tuesday Jan 7th 2020 in the Village Hall Committee Room.