Present:           Cllr. Pitt                                  Chairman

                        Cllr. Glenn                              Vice – Chairman

                        Cllr’s Cropley & Tofts

                        Cllr. Ms. Marshall

                        Cllr Cooper                             BBC

                        CPSO Neil Williams

                        2 members of the public

                        Mrs. Depear                            Clerk


Public Forum

The low key celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Village Hall was discussed.

033/15 Apologies were received from

Cllr. Brookes                           LCC

Cllr. Spencer                       BBC


034/15 Minutes the notes of the meeting held on Tuesday May 12th were read, agreed and signed as being a true record


035/15 Matters Arising from the May Meeting

Cllr. Glenn asked the new councillors for their opinions on the recent training they had attended. Cllr. Tofts replied that it was very constructive and informative...


036/15 Matters for the Police

2 incidents were reported on July 6th they was a dwelling burglary in Old main Road,. Enquiries continuing, and an attempted break in also in Old Main Road  Enquiries continuing.

Cllr. Marshall asked if Neighbourhood Watch was still operating in the area, CPSO Williams informed the meeting that the scheme no longer operated but had been replaced with Lincs Alert which people could sign up to.


037/15 Correspondence

Fosdyke Playing Field Ass. Thank you for the donation.

The Local Government Boundary Commission – it is thought the changes will not affect Fosdyke.

BBC Update to Electoral Register.

Sir Thomas Middlecott Charity – Mr. Glenn has resigned as Clerk, Fosdyke  Parish Council no longer has a trustee representing the Council, and it was proposed by Cllr. Pitt and seconded by Cllr. Cropley that Cllr. Glenn represent Fosdyke – The Clerk to inform Susan Wilson the Clerk to the Trustees.

Clerk & Councils Direct.

Lloyds Bank – Friendship Club.

Natwest Bank – Statement on No 1 acc @ 30.06.15 £3822.27

T. Martin (via email) comments from the May meeting

LALC – Annual General meeting and Conference- Cllr’s Glenn and Pitt to attend



038/15 Grit Bins

The positions of the 2 grit bins was discussed the Clerk has spoken with Mr. Parkinson and he is happy for 1 to be placed on his land at the junction of Wash Rd and the A17. The Clerk to write to Mr. Parkinson to confirm in writing and to ask for permission to lay a few slabs to place the bin on.

It was decided to have a site visit following the meeting regarding the position of the other bin. It was resolved to delegate this decision to be made after the meeting.

The Clerk is to contact LCC for permission to site the bin on LCC land.


039/15 Fosdyke Parish Council Communications.

Cllr. Tofts has made enquiries and it is possible for FPC to operate a web-site Cllr. Tofts is willing to do this it was proposed by Cllr. Glenn seconded by Cllr. Cropley.

Cllr. Tofts is to forward the information to the Clerk, who will set things in motion.

Cllr. Glenn proposed that the Minutes & Agenda would in future be sent by email.


040/15 Financial matters

The following items are submitted for payment

Community Lincs. Insurance                          £234.24

Mrs Boughton Bucks Land Allotment rent   £564.65

George Hay & Sons Allotment rent               £350.00

SHIDB Drainage rates                                    £171.65

K. Savage Internal Audit                                £  75.00

LALC 2x attendance at AGM                        £  14.00

                                                                     £ 1409.54


041/15 Items for discussion at a future meeting.

Cllr. Marshall has been in touch with the Community Development Officer and would like to gauge the interest amongst the elderly of the village. – Agenda item in Sept.

Cllr. Glenn asked that Training be on the Sept. Agenda


042/15 It was resolved that the Council go into closed session.

The public was asked to leave the meeting.


043/15 The Bank Mandate

The Clerk explained that all councillors would be required to complete the forms and provide the required personal information to change the Bank Mandate.



There being no further business the meeting closed at approx. 9.15pm the next meeting will be on Tuesday September 1st 2015 at 7.30p.m in the Village Hall Committee Room.