Present:                                                  Cllr. J. Cropley                                   Chairman

                                                                Cllr. C. Cropley                                  Vice – Chair

                                                                Cllr. Heathcote

                                                                Cllr. Houssain

                                                                Cllr. Howden

                                                                Wendy Depear                                  Parish Clerk


22/20 Public Forum

There were no members of the public present.

The meeting was carried out with the present Social Distancing regulations.

An email was received regarding the dykes on Wash Road, the Clerk to obtain confirmation regarding the drainage board involved.

Thoughts on the pending Planning Application - the Council cannot act on this until the application has been received by the Council.


23/20 Receipts of Declarations of Interest in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011

None were received.


24/20 Apologies for absence and the reasons given

Apologies were received from Cllr. Brookes (LCC) and Cllr. Cooper (BBC).


25/20 Draft minutes of the meeting held on February 4th 2020 to be approved as the minutes

It was proposed by Cllr. Howden seconded by Cllr. Heathcote that the minutes be signed.


26/20 Matters Arising

21/20 The streetlight was reported by Cllr. Howden and not Cllr. C. Cropley.


27/20 Matters for the Police

There were no matters for the Police.


28/20 Correspondence

Greetings from All Saints, there will be no services for the foreseeable future, but the building will remain open.

BBC – Register of Electors update March 2020

BBC – Register of Electors update April 2020

BBC – Register of Electors update May 2020

BBC – Register of Electors update June 2020

BBC – Register of Electors update July 2020

Lincolnshire Lowland Search and Rescue - request for donation

South Holland Drainage Board – Slip Repair Programme

Andy Gumsley, regarding parking at the Social Club and social distancing

Action – The Clerk responded by email

LALC reminder of outstanding invoices

Action - The Clerk has posted payment

Cruse Bereavement Care - Thank you for donation

Fosdyke Village Hall – Thank you for donation

Butterfly Trust – Thank you for donation

Samaritans – Thank you for donation

Nat West Current Account balance at 03.04.20 £13,966.69

Cllr. Brookes – by email – The Highways Maintenance Contract has been awarded to Balfour Beaty Group Ltd, Colas and WSP and commenced on 1st April, Councillor Brookes still has funds available from the Covid 19 Community Fund

A LCC Community Maintenance Gang will be coming to this are (Boston Rural ) from 7th December to 22nd Jan 2021, with a couple of weeks out for the Christmas period, the type of work they will be covering is overhanging vegetation, cleaning signs, repairs to fencing, renewing existing grips, short lengths of siding work, digging out gullies, hedge trimming etc.

Cllr Brookes – Household Waste recycling to accept more waste types in July

Libraries are also to open

Cllr. Brookes by email - Thank you for the congratulations received regarding his appointment.

Natwest Bank Statement Business Reserve Account at 31.03.20 £12,448.92


29/20 Financial Matters – cheques paid and monies received from February 2020


Payments from February 4th 2020

04/02/20              307                         Xmas lights                                                               8.24

04/02/20              308                         Playing Field Committee               Donation             1500.00                

04/02/20              309                         Fosdyke Village Hall                      Donation             500.00

04/02/20              310                         Samaritans                                     Donation             50.00

04/02/20              311                         Citizens Advice                               Donation             50.00

04/02/20              312                         Cruse Bereavement                       Donation             50.00

04/02/20              213                         Butterfly Hospice                            Donation             50.00

04/02/20              314                         Sutterton Surgery                           Donation             50.00

04/02/20              315                         Cancelled

29/02/20              316                         Staff Costs                                       Staff Costs         652.50

31/03/20              317                         A. Appleby                                       Grass                 90.00

31/03/20              318                         W. Depear                                       Expenses           165.21

22/04/20              319                         A. Appleby                                      Grass                   90.00

15/04/20              320                         Mrs. V. Boughton                             Rent                    554.65

22/04/20              321                         G. Hay & Son                                  Rent                    350.00

21/04/20              D/D                        SHIDB                                             Rates                   88.36

31/03/20              322                         AM Appleby                                   Grass                   180.00

18/06/20              323                         LALC                                              Subs                    159.78

20/06/20              324                         AM Appleby                                   Grass                   180.00

20/06/20              325                         Zurich                                            Insurance              228.17

07/07/20              326                         LALC                                             Training                 29.60





01/04/20                                              BBC                                               ½ Precept            6000.00

14/04/20                                              Allotments                                                                  622.13

                                                           Grass Donation                                                           367.53



It was proposed by Cllr. Heathcote and seconded by Cllr. C. Cropley that the accounts be agreed.



30/20 The Annual Governance Statement was approved

It was proposed by Cllr. Houssain and seconded by Cllr. Howden that the Annual Governance be approved and signed by the Clerk and Chairman, and that the Asset register be revalued during the year.


31/20 It was proposed by Cllr Heathcote seconded by Cllr. Howden that the Certificate of Exemption be signed.


31/20 General Update


32/20 Christmas Tree Lights

Cllr. Houssain to contact the contractor for an updated quote, with the possibility of the lights being ready for this Christmas.


33/20 Information Boards

The Clerk to contact Mr. Glenn to see if there is an update.


34/20 Matters Raised by Councillors.


Cllr. C. Cropley raised the suggestion that Fosdyke Parish Council revert to 6 meetings per year, the suggestion was discussed it was decided to keep the 10 meetings a year as present.


There being no further business the meeting closed at approx. 8.10pm

The next meeting will be on Tuesday September 1st 2020 at 7.30pm